Generating these docs

The goal of this document is to outline how to generate these documents and where they land.

By the end of this you should have a full copy of this documentation.


You’ll need the python sphinx package.

Your distribution may have a package for this, but you may also be able to install it with python package tools like so:

$ pip install sphinx

Or with easy_install:

$ easy_install sphinx

Checkout the docs branch

$ git checkout docs

Generate a local copy of the docs

This will generate html from our documentation, and place it in ./doc/_build/html

$ bundle exec rake docs

Generate a single module of the documentation

Say you want to generate only the node documentation

$ bundle exec rake docs:nodes

Or maybe you want to generate only the html

$ bundle exec rake docs:html

Manually publish this documentation

Typically our documentation should be automatically generated. Just in case you want to publish it manually, you can do this.

$ bundle exec rake docs:publish

This will tell to clone the tip of this repo on github and build it.